Brandluxe Dermaplaning Tool

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Unveil your skin's natural radiance with our premium dermaplaning tool, expertly crafted from high-quality Swedish stainless steel. This innovative reusable beauty tool is designed to transform your skincare routine, leaving you with a smoother, more luminous complexion.

Brandluxe Dermaplaning Tool

Brandluxe Dermaplaning Tool

Ready to upgrade your glow?

Reveal flawless, glowing skin in minutes with the ultimate skin-prep tool. Created using high-quality Swedish stainless steel, the premium dermaplaning tool works to reactivate skin regeneration and remove dead skin while clearing peach fuzz for flawless makeup application and enhanced skincare benefits. Say hello to radiant skin!


Bring the salon home

The professional kit includes everything you need to glow from day one. The innovative tool has been designed to easily transform your skincare and makeup routine by creating smoother, more luminous skin. But don’t worry! The expertly designed reusable blade won’t scratch, scar, or create the of risk ingrown hairs.

Five reasons why you NEED it...

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Creates a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application. Trust us, it’s game-changing!

Group 344.svg__PID:06806102-f61d-4b4a-a550-b07aec53e696

Enables skincare products to deeply penetrate the skin.

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Works to even the skin texture with regular use.

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Exfoliates the outer layer of the skin for a glowy finish.

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Helps to create a radiant finish that lasts and lasts.


What is

Dermaplaning is a skincare trend that has taken the industry by storm thanks to its easy facial hair removal, exfoliation benefits, and the ability to create a fresh makeup canvas. The simple tool allows everyone access to a salon-level treatment from the comfort of their home.


THREE steps to glow


On clean, dry skin, hold the dermaplaner at a 45-degree angle, using your free hand to hold the skin taut.


Glide across the skin with short, gentle strokes in the same direction as hair growth.


Use a cloth to wipe the blade clean


What’s included?

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One dermaplaning tool with an ergonomic, easy-to-maneuver design.

Group 349b.svg__PID:dbbdf91a-65ac-4dd5-a74b-2cc000764a72

Three high-quality reusable Swedish stainless-steel blades.

Group 350b.svg__PID:bdf91a65-ac2d-4527-8b2c-c000764a725a

One Silicon Cover, to take your tool with you.


How do I replace
the blade?

When to replace the blade is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to change it after every use, while others find their sweet spot to be around three uses. Whatever your choice, replacing the blade is incredibly easy!

Group 348.svg__PID:c0500977-dd83-4547-b63a-a94aba07269c1.png__PID:f9e7a7c0-5009-47dd-83e5-47b63aa94aba

Find the metal tab at the end of the blade

Group 351.svg__PID:500977dd-83e5-47b6-baa9-4aba07269ce12.png__PID:e7a7c050-0977-4d83-a547-b63aa94aba07

Carefully pull to remove blade and replace with a new blade

Group 352.svg__PID:0977dd83-e547-463a-a94a-ba07269ce1a93.png__PID:a7c05009-77dd-43e5-87b6-3aa94aba0726

 Safely discard used blade


Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Love this wonder

I can’t believe my skin after using this wonder. My skincare is absorbed immediately and my skin looks amazing. I truly recommend it to anyone that likes her skin. I love mine!

Ava Jack
Life changing!!

I love this dermaplaner. I struggle with acne and would always break out after dermaplaning. I switched to this and no longer have issues. I think it's the quality of the blades. It seems to work much better than what I had been using and gets a closer shave.

Happy with my purchase

I've been using this for a few months. The weight feels like much better quality than the plastic dermaplaners. I'm glad I tried it!

easy and addictive

This is lightweight but durable and kind of fun to use, it doesn't feel like a cheap throw away like you might expect from a lower priced beauty tool. It is also surprising how much dead skin and fuzz it gets rid of fast. A must have - you'll be addicted!

Fantastic eco friendly tool

I’m a regular user of derma-planers but always felt bad about the plastic and the impact on our planet. This tool delivers superior results while at keeping my conscious clear.